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As boundaries between the physical and virtual worlds continue to blur, every business today needs to be working toward becoming a business that can thrive in a digital world – simply put, a digital business (in most cases).  An effective business strategy these days will leverage technology for almost all aspects of their business to create fundamentally a NEW BUSINESS model and a great end user experience. 

Becoming a digital business is not a one-time event, but a continuous process of digitalization, transformation and re-transformation of the business processes as well as applications used to implement them.

Embracing a content change of chaos in both the business and technology world, introduces a variety of significant risks to business disruption that needs to be effectively managed and accepting of change and the effects that change brings with it (internally and externally). Automation and artificial intelligence solutions along with proven implementation strategies can help not just manage this risk, but also accelerate business innovation (positive change) on an ongoing basis – when handled with “kid gloves.” 🙂

Transforming a business to be digitally friendly can be a complex task for businesses and business units (all together). Leveraging solutions to automate your business process, analytics, and establishing a center of excellence will help accelerate your transformation to becoming a digital-friendly business and provide your company a more significant competitive advantage in the marketplace.

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business strategy, Digital Strategy, Latest Topics

Whether it’s experimenting with leaner, flatter organizational structures in a drive to accelerate responses to shifting external factors; leveraging design thinking to solve every day problems as well as innovation challenges; or the impact Millennials are having on how organizations lead successfully, winning brands in 2016 will have a well-defined and communicated strategy, according to the Top Ten Strategy Execution Trends for 2016 recently released by TwentyEighty Strategy Execution.

This year’s trends fall under the theme of understanding and communicating the strategic picture. Importantly, these brands will also work to clear the path to successfully execute the work required to achieve it.

“Our Strategy Execution Trends for 2016 reflect how smart organizations are coping with the ever-increasing complex and ambiguous environment we all must operate within,” said Tim Wasserman, chief learning officer at TwentyEighty Strategy Execution and program director for Stanford Advanced Project Management Program, in a news release. “Achieving strategy seems to be just as important as ever, and yet too many organizations continue to commit the same mistakes. In many ways, this year’s trends urge leaders to step back and look beyond strategy to how they are connecting it to their workforces, constituents and the work that needs to be done to realize strategic success.”


  • Agile is Evolving Enterprise-Wide
  • Executives Recognize the Need for Experienced Project Managers
  • The State of Organization is Moving Toward Flat and Lean
  • Millennials are Changing Leadership
  • Interdependencies: Silo Walls are Growing Thinner
  • Design Thinking is Permeating Project Management and Beyond
  • Big Data Will Drive Complexity
  • Continuous Lack of Governance Hampered by Lack of Resources
  • Project Management Officers are Becoming Strategic Partners
  • Business Analysis in Being Elevated

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