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Is LinkedIn working for you? Do you want to generate more business from LinkedIn?

When used properly, LinkedIn can be a gold mine for your business.  As a business, the foundation of your success on LinkedIn begins with your LinkedIn profile. Do you know if your profile is showing up in search results? If it’s not, you may be losing valuable opportunities and ideal clients. And after you have ensured that your profile is showing up in the right places, you’ll want to do what it takes to make the connections your business needs.

First, Let Prospects Easily Find You.

Before you can start generating business on LinkedIn, you need to optimize your profile so prospects can find you. If you are not showing up at the top of the search results when potential prospects are searching for the product or service you offer, they won’t know to connect with you. While this might seem common sense, it’s often something people overlook when creating their LinkedIn profile. So what does it take to be found on LinkedIn? First you need to figure out the keywords your ideal clients use when searching for what you offer. Just how do you decide what keywords your ideal clients are looking for? Figuring out the keywords for your LinkedIn profile is a little different than the keywords you would use for your website. On Google, people often look for things by typing queries like, “How to write a great LinkedIn profile.” On LinkedIn, people are looking for a person and search for a title, such as “LinkedIn profile writer” or “LinkedIn expert.” Business owners will often use the words “Owner” or “Founder” in their profile. While I am the owner and founder of my company, these are not the keywords that I use on my profile. I use keywords like “LinkedIn expert,” “social media speaker,” “social media consultant” or “social media trainer” because this is what people look for on LinkedIn. This is a key concept to understand before prospects can find you when they need what you offer. Use the words your ideal clients would use to search for you on LinkedIn.

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