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The NM Incite 2012 State of Social Customer Support Report shows that 47% of social media users are turning to social care.

For those who think their customers aren’t using social media, the 2013 Infinite Dial Report from Edison Research revealed that 62% of Americans have a social media profile on one or more social networks, up from 56% in 2012.

Further, the number of casual social media users is declining. “Approximately 71 million Americans check their social networks several times a day, up from 58 million in 2012.”

social care statistics, social customer service

Whether companies are ready or not, customer service requests on social media networks are coming. Start your social care strategy today.

Click Here to read more about How to Create a Social Support Team for Free here.

Do you need a plan to add customer service to your social strategies?  As Jeremiah Owyang states, “as internal and external demands mount, companies become mostly reactive, relegating themselves to a ‘Social Media Help Desk’.”

Click Here to get 26 Tips for Adding Customer Service to Your Social Media Strategy here.

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