customer needs have changed

Let’s face it.   Consumer purchasing behavior has changed dramatically. We stand in stores, using our smartphones to compare prices and product reviews; we look to family and friends for immediate weigh-in on shopping decisions via social media; and when we’re ready to buy, we have an ever-growing list of online retailers ready to deliver products directly to us.

That’s great – as a customer.

With the ability to shop anywhere at any time with any device, consumers are demanding excellence and consistency at every turn and are challenging retailers and brands to keep up with their multichannel shopping behaviors. To help understand this evolving retail marketplace, PwC undertook a global study among a projectable sample of consumers from eight different territories that was focused on addressing the habits and preferences of online shoppers. Download your copy here.

But, for the marketer, it’s overwhelming. There’s so much content to sift through: whitepapers, blogs, webinars, books, case studies, best practice guides, trade associations, etc.

So, where do you start?

Start by realizing you’re not alone and you’re not going to be an expert around all of it right away. No one person can be an expert in all aspects of digital marketing, and there’s always the initial learning curve when trying to make sense of something new.

A majority of my time is spent understanding the depth of knowledge around consumer behaviors, communications and marketing processes so that I’m able to guide my clients toward success. The Morning Social blog has held me accountable for staying abreast of the ever-changing digital marketing landscape. The purpose of this blog is to help professionals stay informed on relevant trends that are transforming the digital marketing space, saving you time to more effectively start deploying digital innovation within your organization.


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